5.3.0 - 6 April 2019
  • Added RTL language support
  • Updated Guzzle HTTP Client to the latest version
  • Updated PHPMailer to the latest version
  • Improved Page names & titles (support for up to 64 characters)
  • Improved Group names & titles (support for up to 64 characters)
  • Video Call Plugin: Updated Twilio PHP & JS SDK to the latest version
  • Other minor improvements
5.2.0 - 1 February 2019
  • Fixed an issue which prevented the Friends Suggestions widget showing up
  • Fixed an issue that would show the Facebook Login button even when disabled
  • Fixed taking a photo with the webcam not working on newer versions of Blink based browsers
5.1.0 - 10 January 2019
  • Codebase improvements and cleanup
  • Other minor improvements
5.0.0 - 23 December 2018
  • Added Announcements Plugin
  • Added Cookie Law Plugin
  • Added Dislike Plugin
  • Added File Share Plugin
  • Added Media Share Plugin
  • Added Poll Plugin
  • Added Social Share Plugin
  • Added URL Parser Plugin
  • Added Video Call Plugin
  • Added Weather Plugin
  • Added Guzzle HTTP client
  • Added priority option for plugins (plugins with higher priority will be executed first)
  • Added Timezone dropdown list in the Admin Panel
  • Improved the Plugins System (plugins now share the same SQL table when saving settings)
  • Improved the Documentation (now available online)
  • Fixed an issue with the Plugin Type 4 not returning any output
  • Fixed an issue where the site language will not change if the any of the active plugins would miss the translation file
  • Other minor improvements
4.7.0 - 1 October 2018
  • Fixed an issue which allowed unwanted characters while editing comments
  • Fixed an issue with the post privacy while on Profile pages
  • Other minor improvements
4.6.0 - 18 September 2018
  • Codebase improvements and cleanup
  • Added live load for new posts when on Page Timelines
  • Added restrictions for Moderators when deleting Pages & Groups
  • Improved the Admin & User authentication system
  • Fixed the new posts not loading live on News Feed when Permalinks enabled
  • Fixed missing sender's email address and title when suspending Users
  • Fixed an issue where plugin events would not initialize when on Plugins page
  • Fixed the comments counter not updating on Posts from Pages
  • Fixed the @mentions notifications not working on Posts from Pages
  • Fixed an issue with the Admin rights when viewing Friends pages
  • Other minor improvements
4.5.0 - 23 July 2018
  • Added SMTP Secure option in the Admin Panel
  • Updated PHPMailer to the latest version
  • Updated the jQuery library to the latest version
  • Improved the theme system (favicons are now theme dependent)
  • Other minor improvements
4.4.0 - 15 April 2018
  • Improved support for PHP 7.2+
4.3.0 - 13 April 2018
  • Added Edit option for Comments (you can now edit the text of your comments)
  • Fixed the comments images repeating on other comments in certain cases
  • Other minor improvements
4.2.0 - 6 April 2018
  • Improved the way sessions are saved
4.1.0 - 3 April 2018
  • Added Image Upload for Comments
  • Updated the jQuery library to the latest version
  • Improved support for the latest MySQL stable version
  • Improved the User Deletion function (chat images are now being deleted)
  • Fixed @mentions notifications not working when mentioning in comments
  • Fixed the Delete Account from User's Settings not working
  • Other minor improvements
4.0.0 - 3 February 2018
  • Reworked the Registration/Log-in process (improved security, persistent login)
  • Added plugin localization support
  • Added @username auto-complete suggestions
  • Added @username mention notifications
  • Added counters for Comments and Shares on Posts
  • Added emoji support for Chats, Comments and Posts
  • Added over 200 emojis in the smiles selector
  • Added dedicated "Send" chat button for the mobile chat
  • Added image previews when uploading images
  • Added "Show in tab" for Posts in contextual menu
  • Updated the jQuery library to the latest version
  • Updated the Timeago jQuery plugin to the latest version
  • Updated PHPMailer to the latest version
  • Improved support for MySQL strict mode
  • Improved the way cookies are managed
  • Fixed smiles not being preserved when editing a post
  • Other minor improvements
3.0.8 - 13 October 2017
  • Fixed the Edit Post functionality not working
3.0.7 - 28 September 2017
  • Improved the Image & Webcam upload for Chat (added loading preloaders)
  • Improved the translation (single quotes can now be used for the Timeago strings)
  • Improved software speed (Page Likes counter now makes use of the cache value)
  • Fixed an issue where Page Notifications wouldn't get marked as read
  • Other minor improvements
3.0.6 - 29 August 2017
  • Improved security
3.0.5 - 16 August 2017
  • Fixed an issue with the custom timezone settings not being applied everywhere
3.0.4 - 15 August 2017
  • Improved security
3.0.3 - 19 July 2017
  • Improved security
  • Other minor improvements
3.0.2 - 10 July 2017
  • Improved the Themes, Plugins and Languages listing in the Admin Panel
  • Fixed an issue with the News Feed not loading messages from Liked Pages
  • Fixed an issue when changing the default language in the Admin Panel
  • Fixed an issue with Friends Counter not being shown on Profile Cards
  • Fixed an issue with shared messages (in rare cases the message owner would appear as a Page)
  • Other minor improvements
3.0.1 - 2 July 2017
  • Improved support for PHP 7.1+
  • Improved character encoding support
  • Fixed permalinks for combined search filters
  • Fixed a security fix regression
  • Other minor improvements
3.0.0 - 30 June 2017
  • Massive Database and Software speed improvements
  • Reworked the Admin Stats page
  • Reworked the Notifications Page
  • Reworked the Sidebar Archive
  • Reworked the Friends Suggestions
  • Reworked the timestamps (added support for singular and plural nouns)
  • Added Sidebar Archive for #hashtag search results
  • Added Friends, Pages and Groups limitations
  • Added the ability to disable Groups and Pages functionality
  • Added "Seen" feature for chat messages
  • Added permalink support for the image caching system
  • Improved the site translation (the platform is now 100% translated)
  • Other minor improvements
2.2.0 - 31 March 2017
  • Updated the Facebook API requests to reflect the new API changes
2.1.9 - 9 March 2017
  • Added complete support for smiles, image upload, and plugins for Mobile Chat
  • Added dynamic custom Info Pages (Admin Panel)
  • Added the ability to restrict registration to certain email providers (Admin Panel)
  • Added the ability to change the timezone (Admin Panel)
  • Added the ability to change the default language (Admin Panel)
  • Improved the language system
  • Improved the site translation
  • Other minor improvements
2.1.8 - 2 February 2017
  • Added Webcam Upload for Chat (you can now send selfies privately)
  • Added Image Upload for Chat (you can now send images privately)
  • Added Account Deletion option (users can now delete their own account)
  • Added new plugin hooks (the Messages hooks can now be used for Chat messages)
  • Added support for PHP 7.1
  • Updated the jQuery library to the latest stable version
  • Other minor improvements
2.1.7 - 4 January 2017
  • Updated the PHPMailer to 5.2.21 (security fix)
2.1.6 - 12 November 2016
  • Reworked the dynamic page load system
  • Added Rewritten URLs for the entire User Area (Feed, Profiles, Groups, etc) example.com/profile/username
  • Added image compression when viewing an image in teather (gallery) mode
  • Improved site speed by caching all the uploaded images
  • Improved the site bandwidth usage by compressing all the uploaded images
  • Other minor improvements
2.1.5 - 12 October 2016
  • Added support for servers running MySQL in STRICT mode
  • Improved HTTPS support (Google fonts will now load via a secured source)
  • Improved the @mentions, #hashtags, !groups and URL parsing system
  • Improved the English translation
  • Fixed a rare issue with special characters when registering
  • Fixed a rare issue with the action buttons in the Group Admins section
  • Fixed Group Privacy validation not working when loading new messages
  • Other minor improvements
2.1.4 - 9 August 2016
  • Added CSS classes to allow styling chat message containers based on authors
  • Fixed a rare case where two users could have the same email address
  • Other minor improvements
2.1.3 - 23 July 2016
  • Added "Remember me" option (hidden by default)
  • Added !group mention for messages
  • Improved viewing private profile feeds as Admin
  • Improved privacy when viewing profile cards
  • Fixed the live search not working in a rare case
  • Other minor improvements
2.1.2 - 2 June 2016
  • Added missing title for Page Search results
  • Improved the Group messages privacy by excluding them from search results
  • Fixed the "Groups" URL from drop down menu pointing to Pages
  • Fixed the Search results people filters appearing when searching for Pages
2.1.1 - 24 May 2016
  • Added Pages and Groups links on the Menu list
  • Added welcoming message after registration on the News Feed page
  • Improved security
  • Fixed the Messages posted in Groups not respecting the Group privacy
  • Fixed the URL on Page title
  • Other minor improvements
2.1.0 - 8 May 2016
  • Reworked the Profile Cards
  • Reworked the Likes section on Profile Pages
  • Added Pages system
  • Added the ability to Poke people
  • Added the ability to block a user straight from his Profile page
  • Added the ability to display First and Last name fields on registration
  • Added the ability to delete comments of 3rd party users from your messages
  • Added Online Users statistic in the Admin Panel
  • Added pagination for Groups section on Profile Pages
  • Added context menu for the Comments actions
  • Improved the About section on Group pages (added icons for each field)
  • Improved the English translation
  • Fixed the comment notification not being deleted when the comment is deleted
  • Other minor improvements
2.0.9 - 19 March 2016
  • Reworked the General, Users and Social settings pages from the Admin Panel
  • Added Moderators level in the Admin Panel (users can now be promoted to moderators)
  • Added Email Verification (account activation) option in the Admin Panel
  • Added SMTP integration
  • Added "Blocked Users" page in Users Settings which shows all the blocked users
  • Added the possibility to include a Settings page for plugins
  • Added activate and deactivate plugin events
  • Added new fields when editing an user in the Admin Panel
  • Added new CSS classes to the Admin Panel, User Settings and Pages menus
  • Added error messages when account is suspended or unconfirmed
  • Added icons for the sidebar menus from the Admin and User Panels
  • Improved the Photo Galleries (now accomodates based on the number of photos)
  • Improved the Edit User section in the Admin Panel (added tabbed pages)
  • Improved the delete functionality when deleting a report
  • Improved the notification counter for the new messages posted in groups
  • Fixed an issue with the deletion of groups or users from groups with no messages
  • Other minor improvements
2.0.8 - 25 January 2016
  • Added a new plugin hook (now you can do actions when a message is deleted)
  • Added First and Last name auto-complete when registering with Facebook
  • Improved the Type 1 plugin hook (now it can return error messages)
  • Improved the chat friends list (now it remembers the minimized/maximized state)
  • Improved the password error messages in the Admin Panel
  • Improved the search input behaviour
  • Improved the delete event function and animation
  • Fixed an issue with the birthdate resetting when changing other settings
  • Other minor improvements
2.0.7 - 20 January 2016
  • Added current password confirmation requirement when changing a password
  • Improved the likes modal function (both requests and animation loaders)
  • Improved the likes function (speed improvements in certain cases)
  • Improved the user deletion message (now shows the username instead of the id)
  • Improved the English translation
  • Fixed the ajax requests paths for notifications and message privacies
2.0.6 - 19 January 2016
  • Reworked the likes system
  • Added Likes on Comments
  • Added Infinite Scrolling when hitting the end of the page on Desktop browsers
  • Added Facebook profile image fetch when registering trough facebook
  • Added confirmation dialogs when deleting a messages, comments or chats
  • Added visual highlight for messages and comments when viewed from the Admin Panel
  • Added new emoticons (heart, surprised and confused)
  • Added "People who like this" modal for likes on messages and comments
  • Added security protection against CSRF attacks
  • Improved the Dashboard statistics calculations
  • Improved the User Deletion function (likes counter of liked messages is now updated)
  • Improved the English translation
  • Changed the groups listing to display the group name instead of title in the Admin Panel
  • Fixed an issue with the ad-unit for Groups not showing in the sidebar
2.0.5 - 28 December 2015
  • Added an icon on the top bar which indicates when logged-in as Admin
  • Improved the dynamic new messages function after posting a new message
  • Changed how the messages are being counted (shared messages are excluded)
  • Fixed the user not being removed from Groups when the user is deleted
  • Fixed an issue with special characters on names when opening a chat window
2.0.4 - 19 December 2015
  • Added a new plugin hook (you can now add events to the message form)
  • Added a new plugin hook (you can now add content to the Feed page)
  • Added a new plugin hook (you can now add content to the Profile page)
  • Changed the `type` plugin column field (now supports up to 64 plugin hooks)
  • Improved the UX while sharing a status message
  • Improved the English language file (removed unused strings)
2.0.3 - 7 December 2015
  • Added mutual friends counter on profile pages
  • Added user_id value to the message footer plugin hook
  • Fixed the Pictures counter (now it excludes the pictures posted in groups)
  • Fixed the dynamic new messages function on profiles when logged in as Admin
2.0.2 - 21 November 2015
  • Added a new plugin hook (head section can now include CSS & JS files)
  • Added a new plugin hook (message footer can now output content)
  • Improved the Messages event plugin hook (now allows even deeper integration)
  • Improved the Facebook username generator function
  • Improved the Developers Documentation and updated the plugin example
  • Improved the English translation
  • Updated the fetch function with a newer User Agent
  • Fixed an issue where the chat icons would still appear when disabled
  • Fixed an issue with the shared messages not being removed when deleting users
2.0.1 - 6 November 2015
  • Added automated input focus when opening a Chat Window
  • Changed the `event` column from `messages` table (can hold larger data)
  • Changed the sidebar plugins on profile pages to the bottom of the sidebar
  • Improved the delete and report buttons on comments while on mobile view
2.0.0 - 24 October 2015
  • Reworked the Friends System (now based on friendship "requests")
  • Reworked the Feed page (merged the Timeline page to include your own posts into the feed)
  • Reworked the Sharing System (now the entire message content is being shared)
  • Reworked the Manage Users & Edit user pages (Admin Panel)
  • Reworked the Manage Reports page (Admin Panel)
  • Reworked the Themes page (Admin Panel)
  • Reworked the Statistics page (Admin Panel)
  • Added Groups system
  • Added Plugins system
  • Added Chat with multiple windows
  • Added Facebook Login integration
  • Added Suspend User option in the Admin Panel
  • Added Birthdays event notifications
  • Added Edit option for messages (you can now edit the text of your messages)
  • Added a new privacy option for messages (you can now share your status with friends only)
  • Added context menu for messages
  • Added dynamic page load navigation
  • Added dynamic new messages load for Feed and Profile pages
  • Added Open Sans font site-wide
  • Added IP logging for user registration
  • Added Admin option to limit the number of accounts registration allowed per IP
  • Added the possibility to hide the birth date by unsetting it
  • Added password repeat field on Admin Panel and User Account Settings
  • Added password lenght limit (minimum 6 characters) for Admin And User Accounts
  • Added a limit cap of 10 results for #hashtags live search suggestions
  • Added closing menu, notifications and search drop-downs on background clicking
  • Added horizontal menu on profiles for quick access to Timeline, About, Friends, Likes pages
  • Added new profile fields (interests, address, country, school, work)
  • Added notification counter for pending reports on the Manage Reports admin link
  • Added Like, Cheeky and Cool emoticon for chat, comments and messages (y)
  • Improved the block function (now prevents chatting, commenting and friend requests)
  • Improved the Likes page of a status message by showing the complete message
  • Improved the User Account Settings page
  • Improved the covers size on the profile cards
  • Improved the Trending Topics to be generated from the last 7 days instead of the last day
  • Improved the sidebar event filters (added show more button if the list contains more than 5 filters)
  • Improved the sidebar event filters (they are now sorted)
  • Improved the dropdown inputs (added custom dropdown arrow for consistency)
  • Improved the user deletion system (now all profile and messages images are deleted)
  • Improved the deletion of shared messages (the notifications of shared messages are now removed)
  • Improved the browser tab title on new notifications (now shows the actual number)
  • Improved the Cover and Profile Image upload process (old images are now deleted from the server)
  • Improved the Live Search server usage and speed performance
  • Improved the Chat Search server usage and speed performance
  • Updated the API to include the Country, City and Address for profile requests
  • Updated the jQuery library to the latest stable version
  • Updated the interface to be more consistent and unified
  • Combined the Movie event with the Video event
  • Fixed an issue where images from posts could be deleted by someone else
  • Fixed an issue where tags would be allowed on profile page titles
  • Fixed an issue with the Admin Panel page title
  • Fixed an issue where #hashtags would be generated from private messages
  • Other interface, code and database speed improvements
1.3.1 - 3 July 2014
  • Added ability to view all users that liked a status message
  • Added download function for images when viewed in the image viewer
  • Added changes notification for Manage Ads page
  • Improved translation for the Manage Reports page
  • Improved the chat messages page (auto scroll down when loading new chat)
  • Fixed unwanted character on email upon new friendship
  • Fixed published date being updated when changing the privacy of a message
  • Other minor improvements
1.3.0 - 19 April 2014
  • Added image orientation detection (e.g: photos taken with mobile phones will rotate to the correct position)
  • Added Search by Age filter (Results can now be filtered between X & Y ages)
  • Added ability to select multiple filters at once (Search by Gender & Age at the same time)
  • Improved the Vimeo embedding (now supports installations on servers with secured connection)
  • Improved the translation (new strings added)
  • Improved the "View All Results" from search (allowing special characters, e.g: accented characters)
  • Improved the Search by Gender (allowing special characters, e.g: accented characters)
  • Improved searching by e-mail (now supports filters such as Gender and Age)
  • Improved the Sidebar Filters selectors (default states are now bolded)
  • Fixed an issue with IE11 (not being able to select events)
  • Fixed the text characters limit not working when posting Pictures
1.2.9 - 5 February 2014
  • Added Recover account password using the email
  • Added Title tags for Likes, Friends and Have as friend profile pages
  • Improved the account recovery process (usernames are case insensitive now)
  • Improved the translation (New strings added for Admin Log-in page)
  • Improved the user registration process
  • Improved the Captcha image
1.2.8 - 27 December 2013
  • Improved the Search for people (allowing special characters in search, e.g: accented characters)
  • Improved the YouTube embedding (now supports installations on servers with secured connection)
  • Fixed an issue where the search function would fail if the search was performed with special characters
  • Fixed an issue with the search function for #hashtags, in some cases it would return no results
1.2.7 - 9 November 2013
  • Added Likes Activity page for each user where all the likes activity of an user can be seen
  • Added the number of liked posts by an user (in the About section)
  • Improved the security against cross site scripting on load comments and chat messages function
  • Fixed a typo in netherlands.php language file
1.2.6 - 13 October 2013
  • Improved the JavaScript functions file
  • Improved the English, Romanian and Dutch language file
  • Fixed a CSS property name
1.2.5 - 6 September 2013
  • Added support for cyrillic, chinese, hebrew, accĂ©nted letters, etc. in #hashtags
  • Added extra classes for the main element containers giving theme developers greater flexibility
  • Improved the security against cross site scripting on the search results page
1.2.4 - 28 August 2013
  • Added Sound Notification upon new Global & Messages notifications
  • Added Sound Notification upon new live chat message arrival
  • Added Dynamic Title Tag [exclamation tag (!)] upon new Global & Messages notifications
  • Added Dynamic Title Tag [exclamation tag (!)] upon new live chat message arrival
  • Sound Notification and Dynamic Title tag triggers when the page is not focused (inactive)
1.2.3 - 19 August 2013
  • Added extra classes for the events inside the message posts, giving theme developers greater flexibility regarding theme customizations
1.2.2 - 16 August 2013
  • Added Profile Cards on avatars hovers on the Messages and Comments (On all pages)
  • Improved the images select button on IE9 and IE10
  • Improved the API, now you can fetch details by Username instead of ID and the Profile Privacy is taken in consideration when fetching both profiles and messages
  • Fixed an issue with the #hashtags not being created when they were at the beginning of a new line
1.2.1 - 7 August 2013
  • Added log-in with email (you can now use both the username and email to log-in)
  • Added visual and email notifications when someone adds you as friend
  • Added Delete function on the Edit User Page from the Admin Panel
  • Improved the Admin Panel display (added separators between input settings types)
  • Improved the English, Romanian and Dutch language file
  • Updated the icons, texts, and description for the Notifications Page
  • Fixed an issue in the Feed where in certain cases the Privacy icon would appear unwanted
  • Fixed User Chat Search not working properly due to a theme update
  • Fixed Verified User Image not appearing when loading more peoples in the Friends Pages
1.2.0 - 2 August 2013
  • Completely reworked the entire Notification System (now they are personal)
  • Added Notification System for the New Chat Messages (with small text snippets)
  • Added Notification Counter for Global & Chat Notifications
  • Added title tags for the Post pages
  • Added Friends Activity (latest 20 events) on Feed and Timeline pages
  • Added Lightbox View for the Cover Image & Avatar Image
  • Added Search by Email to the unified search (Exact Match)
  • Added Verified Badges to Live Search, Search Page and Friends Page
  • Improved the Search Results (Verified persons have priority in the results)
  • Improved the Friends Suggestions (Showing only public profiles)
  • Improved the Recent People Chat (Showing unread messages with a grey background)
  • Improved the English and Romanian language files
  • Improved the Vimeo Url Insertion
  • Fixed a small issue with the Welcome widget from the sidebar
1.1.9 - 29 July 2013
  • Added line breaks into the posted messages
  • Improved the events on post message [prevent posting empty events]
  • Improved the messages privacy pages, they now obey to the profile privacy first
  • Fixed an issue with Friends Suggestions which could show you as friend suggestion
1.1.8 - 27 July 2013
  • Translated the Welcome page
  • Translated the sidebar Archive filters
  • Reverted back to First Lastname format
  • Added input type password for the recovery form
1.1.7 - 26 July 2013
  • Added SoundCloud for Songs (simply drop in a song link into the Music input)
  • Added SoundCloud for Profiles with Playlist (simply drop in a song link into the Music input)
  • Added Message form to the Hashtags search results
  • Added extra classes to the sidebar widgets (improved the theme style capabilities for developers)
  • Improved the Trending Topics (merging all case sensitive hashtags)
  • Improved the Hashtags Search (merging all case sensitive hashtags)
  • Improved the way days are displayed [1...n] and months to months names
  • Improved the Born date on profiles (now months are translated as well)
  • Improved the Profile Page Titles (added full name when available)
  • Improved the English and Romanian language files
1.1.6 - 23 July 2013
  • Added netherlands.php language file
  • Improved the display of the Archive filter [ordering]
  • Improved the Page Titles for both people and hashtags Search
1.1.5 - 22 July 2013
  • Added UTF8 support for e-mails
  • Added full names for the drop down notifications and for the notifications page
  • Improved the theme translation (added more strings)
  • Fixed a bug in Admin Panel which caused the Theme icons to appear wrong
  • Fixed missing strings in english.php, romanian.php (from update 1.1.4)
1.1.4 - 18 July 2013
  • Improved the platform and the theme translation
  • Fixed a bug in User Settings which caused the profile born date to keep resetting
  • Fixed a profile bug which prevented displaying the sidebar when the user had no posts
1.1.3 - 16 July 2013
  • Improved the message deletion process (the photos are deleted as well)
  • Improved the text output for Messages, Comments, and Chat conversations
  • Fixed a typo in the documentation
1.1.2 - 15 July 2013
  • Added delete function to the chat messages
1.1.1 - 14 July 2013
  • Fixed sharing a post already shared by another user not working as intended
1.1.0 - 13 July 2013
  • Now allowing to post images, events, maps, without having to have any text in message
  • Added #hashtags function for Messages, Comments and Chat
  • Added Unified Search Box [users and #hashtags]
  • Added #hashtags suggestions as the user types in
  • Added Top 5 Trending Topics to Timeline/Feed page
  • Added Top 10 Trending Topics to the #hashtags search page
  • Added the author posts in News Feed as well
  • Added 4 for more shortcut smiles
  • Fixed a bug with the Suggested Friends
1.0.1 - 12 July 2013
  • Improved support for Firefox in Admin Panel
  • Fixed a minor bug when loading new feed messages
1.0.0 - 11 July 2013
  • Initial Release