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Official Plugins
Plugins released by us
The Announcements plugin allows you to post unlimited amount of site messages and mass email your users.
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The Dislike plugin allows your users to express their emotions on messages trough the dislike option.
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File Share
Allow your users to upload documents, media files or any other type of file you want them to share.
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The Games plugin integrates trough the "Games" event and adds game information to the message.
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Media Share
The Media Share plugin allows your users to upload Video and Audio files or share links from popular media sites.
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The Movies plugin integrates trough the "Videos" event and adds movie information to the message.
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The Poll plugin offers your users a new way to interact with each other by allowing them to run polls on any subject.
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Social Share
With the Social Share plugin you can easily share your message on 15+ social, email and mobile services.
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URL Parser
Automatically parse the title, description, link and a website screenshot with the URL Parser plugin.
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Video Call
The Video Call plugin adds both audio and video calling functionality for a more immersive experience.
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The Weather plugin gives your users the current weather based on their profile location along with a 5 days forecast.
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Unofficial Plugins
Plugins released by 3rd party authors
Plugin Enhancer
The Plugin Enhancer allows you to easily reorder, install, delete and manage your plugins, all done from the Admin Panel.
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The statistics plugin gives you detailed information about your users, featuring various filters and charts.
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